Aaqib at Light Pong

Hello my friends! How are you all? I’m finally back from my trip to LA. Matt and I were supposed to be back last Saturday but our flights got cancelled multiple times, courtesy of American Airlines! 😤 We ended up spending 3 extra days in LA.

a shot of the device as it currently stands! the handles are going to change significantly soon, but how cool are those colors? 😍 yes, i did stand on the desk to get that shot.

Big Picture Perspective


Hello Light Pong-ers,
I have lots of updates for you…so I’m going to dive straight into it!

Product Development is coming along beautifully! We’ve updated the controllers, and we’re adding more buttons. We’ll still have a single, big button as the primary, and are adding two smaller buttons, to do…

Hello Light Pong-ers! How are you!?

As you may have seen, we’re calling Light Pong the “world’s first 1D game console”… and few of you have jumped into the social media comments claiming that “Light Pong is not a 1D game” or “this isn’t 1D”.

Wow, didn’t know we’d attract…

Aaqib at Light Pong

Light Pong is the world’s first 1D game console. Sign up to our mailing list for exclusive updates and discounts when we launch!

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