What is 1D?

Light Pong Dimensions of Space

0D / 0 Dimensions

Imagine a point. Just a point. A point with no length, width, or height. That’s 0D.

1D / 1 Dimension

Imagine a line, just a simple line with only the length, with no width or height. This is 1D. Motion in 1D is linear, along a line. It goes forward and backward only.

2D / 2 Dimensions

Now, imagine a surface without any height, just length and width. Like a flat sheet of paper, where things can go up and down or left and right. This is 2D.

3D / 3 Dimensions

This is the space in which we live: 3D. Things can go up and down, back and forth, or left and right. So to the one “D-expert” who said it’s made in 3D…you’re actually correct!

Light Pong is a 1D game, and exists in a 3D world.

The easiest way to create a 1D game is on an LED strip, and Light Pong makes it easy to do that. A plus for developers we’ll open up the platform to.



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